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Analysis of common problems in breeding hot air stove

It is inevitable that the breeding hot air stove will have problems when it is used. Then we have mastered the relevant fault treatment methods and solutions. So we will be more satisfied with the use of the breeding hot air stove. For the use of breeding hot blast stoves, we often encounter the following problems. Next, Shandong Jindun Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. will look at it with everyone.

Question 1: The occurrence of hot air outlet deformation and collapse occurs first

Question 2: The large wall at the exit of the sleeve burner collapses;

Question 3: The overall collapse of the dome of the hot blast stove, collapse at the hot air outlet or the burner (or nozzle) access;

Question 4: It is the spalling, cracking or collapse of the brick body at the stress concentration of the cone section or where the thermal stress changes greatly;

Question 5: It is the local deformation of the wall of the regenerative chamber, which leads to the separation of the heavy brick layer and the lightweight brick layer;

Question 6: It is the deformation of the lining bricks of the hot air duct and the bricks falling off, especially the bricks at the mouth of the Sanchakou and T-shape are more likely to be damaged.

The above-mentioned problems of the breeding hot blast stove described in the small series are actually encountered in our use. Looking at the above problems, the root cause of the problem is very simple. This is a long-standing problem in the use of cultured hot blast stoves. Just as the hot air temperature increases, the frequency of events increases. Therefore, as long as we pay attention to the structural problems of coal-fired hot blast stoves and the locations where structural stresses are concentrated, the solution is nothing more than the rational selection of refractory materials and the rational design of stress structures. This is also the reason why the design of the hot blast stove is still important in the design. Only on a good structural carrier can the excellent performance of the hot blast stove be displayed in use.