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Water/ground Source heat pump

Water/ground Source heat pump

Product Details

Water/Ground source heat pump system is through the input of a small amount of electrical energy to achieve low-temperature bit thermal energy transfer to the high temperature level, the ground can be used in winter as heat pump heating heat source and summer air conditioning cold source, the unit consumes 1kW of energy, access to 4~5kw above the cold/heat, energy source in underground energy, the system does Waste residue, is an ideal "green air conditioning", can be widely used in office buildings, hotels, schools, dormitories, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, villas, residential and other fields.

Water/ground Source heat pump technology is currently in the air conditioning system energy efficiency ratio of one of the cooling, heating mode, become a popular air conditioning system, the Chinese Government strongly advocated, in accordance with the policy, where the use of water (ground) source heat pump technology buildings, through the declaration to the local government, can obtain government policy support, relief of construction supporting costs 140~ 200/㎡.