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Air Cooling Module

Air Cooling Module

Product Details

Screw/vortex air-cooled module unit (air source heat pump)

American Valley Wheel, Japan Mitsubishi Big Gold Compressor.

The use of computer mold to optimize the refrigerant process design, effectively solve the problem of defrosting is not thorough.

The use of optimized large heat exchanger, high wind volume design, to ensure that the standard module unit can operate smoothly at 48 ℃ and 10 ℃ ambient temperature.

The Low temperature module unit adopts the International advanced gas filling and baking technology, breaks through the limit of the conventional modular air source heat pump unit, and the low Temperature unit series can make normal heat operation in 22 ℃ environment.

hydrophilic aluminum foil material air-cooled heat transfer fins, so that defrosting more evenly and thoroughly.

The unit can be used in a modular combination to facilitate the installation and construction of the site.