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Fan Coil

Fan Coil

Product Details

Fan coil should be in accordance with the specific conditions of the use of the room and decoration requirements to choose Open or dark installation, to determine the installation location, form, the unit is generally placed under the windowsill of the external wall, horizontal unit hanging in the upper part of the room, wall-mounted unit hanging above the wall, the column unit of the reliable wall placed on the ground or wall

Units directly placed in the room, do not need to decorate, but should choose the appearance of color and room tone in harmony with the unit, the dark Fitting unit should be set up with the building decoration with the air vents, back vents, back vents should be set up vent filter. In addition, the building decoration should be left with detachable or open repair mouth, easy to the unit fan, motor disassembly, maintenance and air heat exchanger cleaning.