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Pig pigsty Heating Equipment

Pig pigsty Heating Equipment

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Pig pigsty Heating Equipmentis a new generation of plumbing heating boiler, to achieve the characteristics of coal saving, labor saving and so on, especially its fully automatic heating and heating controller can effectively control the boiler for controlled heating, not only save coal, but also meet the temperature requirements.

In the current aquaculture industry, all equipment has become automated, humanized, Hui Teng hts-01 chicken coop heating boiler is to deal with this trend, it makes full use of the advantages of water heating, while the flue implementation of two times heating, can effectively save fuel resources, for you to save fuel expenses.

Pig pigsty heating equipment, breeding heating equipment, autumn and winter season temperature and day difference between day and night changes greatly, in order to ensure that the chicken group has a warm and comfortable living environment, improve the production performance of chickens, reduce the occurrence of diseases, do a good job of chicken coop temperature, humidity, ventilation and other conditions of control.