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Cultured Hot blast Furnace

Cultured Hot blast Furnace

Product Details

1,Cultured Hot blast FurnaceHeating area of the premises and insulation conditions, the amount of coal combustion reference to the high and low coal quality;

2, the use of special three-return design, automatic dust removal in the exchanger, free of gray;

3, cultured hot blast furnace with automatic alarm function, automatic protection device;

4, Breeding hot blast furnace fan, blower can be automatic (manual) to start and stop;

5, Cultured hot blast furnace automatic control of air volume, automatic control of hot air output, automatic control of ambient temperature;

6, the temperature control system of cultured hot blast furnace is computer controlled and digital control optional (two kinds);

7, cultured hot blast furnace has an overall thermal insulation design, heat loss reduction;

8, the combustion chamber by special design, long service life, applicable to a variety of coal quality;

9, cultured hot blast furnace as a new indirect heating technology combined with combustion and heat transfer, the use of high temperature part of the furnace body for heat transfer;

10, Breeding hot blast furnace thermal efficiency (up to 80-95%), fast heating, small size, easy installation, reliable use, and low price (compared with a boiler, the heating system is only half the price of boiler heating system).