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Cultured Heating Boiler

Cultured Heating Boiler

Product Details

Cultured Heating BoilerDedicated wind Wings: the wing has corrosion resistance, aluminum stamping reinforced blades, double locking device, do not fall off; large air volume, smooth operation, no rust, no wind vane fracture, breeding radiator special wind cover, wind cover encryption, thickening, appearance spray treatment, protection, sturdy and durable, harmless to people, chickens. Motor housing for aluminum, good heat dissipation, waterproof, low noise, large air volume.

Characteristics of cultured heating boiler products:

1, a single boiler heating area (1000-30000㎡)

2, four kinds of fuel design: coal-fired coal, burning biomass, fuel, gas, multiple returns on one investment

3, energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection

4, three times combustion structure, smoke removal effect is obvious, greatly improve thermal efficiency

5, optional CNC frequency conversion technology, fan can automatically adjust the speed according to the temperature needs

6, integrated thermal insulation design, reduce losses

7, all aluminum alloy frame, double coating anti-rust

8 Life of more than 12 years, two years free warranty

9, excellent process design, to meet the standards