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Biomass Hot water blast furnace

Biomass Hot water blast furnace

Product Details

Biomass Hot water blast furnaceProduct Features:

1, from raw materials to finished products, each process is strictly tested. The use of Gold shield three-generation heat exchanger, boiler heating surface is large, fuel combustion is sufficient, multi-point air supply design, there is a cut-off feeding mechanism, there is no tempering, fire, card problems.

2, automatic computer frequency conversion system, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, automatic temperature control. Manual/Automatic free to switch.

3, simple operation, stable performance, furnace body settings have inspection door, fire hole, maintenance is very convenient.

4, high thermal efficiency, full combustion, compact structure, simple and convenient installation, low emissions, small footprint, low operating costs.

5, long service life, furnace body using Q345 Boiler Board manufacturing, all aluminum alloy frame structure, integral insulation, double coating anti-rust.