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Gas-fired hot water boiler

Gas-fired hot water boiler

Product Details

Gas-fired hot water boilerPerformance Features:

1, large furnace gall design, large combustion chamber, reasonable layout, adequate fuel combustion, energy saving and environmental protection, fast heating.

2, cylindrical appearance, small footprint, the use of stainless steel packaging, beautiful appearance and generous.

3, the choice of Italian brand Burner, superior quality, advanced technology, full combustion, reliable operation, with furnace purge, automatic ignition, point or detection, gas low pressure, high pressure protection, leak detection and other functions to ensure safe operation.

4, the choice of computer intelligent controller, easy and convenient operation, easy to manage, reliable operation, perfect security function.

5, with temperature control free setting.

"Scope of application" Greenhouse agriculture, aquaculture, livestock and poultry industry, hospitals, schools, guesthouses, community, bathing and so on.