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Chicken Coop Heating Boiler

Chicken Coop Heating Boiler

Product Details

Chicken Coop Heating BoilerFeatures of the performance:

1, pure water warm, not dry.

2, computer temperature control, energy saving. In the company launched Chicken Coop Heating boiler, this boiler is composed of: host, water temperature radiator, microcomputer automatic control box, fan and other four parts, the product is mainly used in closed chicken coop, pig House, Rabbit house and Cow house and other animal husbandry chicken coop Enterprises heating and insulation work, is currently drunk chicken coop heating equipment, is a large-scale chicken coop products, is a good helper for your fortune.

When the room temperature reaches the requirements of automatic shutdown, the use of residual temperature in the furnace to maintain water temperature, in order to achieve indoor temperature


3, this product uses the internal drunk boiler pressure relief technology, when the boiler pressure to reach the pressure, the pressure relief system automatically opened, effectively reduce the boiler due to excessive pressure caused by the adverse consequences.

4, a machine dual use. The system has the double effect of heating in winter and cooling in summer. Large capacity furnace Hall can reduce the number of coal added, convenient night heating. One additional can burn for 6-12 hours.

5, the furnace mild room temperature automation control, can achieve the furnace temperature and room temperature coordination and unity, constant temperature heating.

6, fresh air, reduce the occurrence of chicken coop disease. Save labor and reduce the labor intensity of workers.