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Cultured fans

Cultured fans

Product Details

The cultured fan is a heating device that emits warm winds of about 40 ℃ high temperatures, and it includes a fan and air temperature and controls and protects three parts. Can bring fresh air convection, eliminate hot air, exhaust gas or odor, used in aquaculture is heating fan agricultural fan.

  1. Breeding fan long use time, can run for at least 10 years, one purchase 10 benefits;

  2. Power free, the use of temperature difference and natural wind to make equipment rotation, saving a lot of operating costs;

  3. The cultured heater is a kind of device which uses the principle of natural air convection, combined with its own structural design, to convert the parallel direction, acceleration and vertical airflow of the airflow from the bottom up to improve the effect of indoor ventilation and ventilation. No need for electricity, no noise, long-term operation, exhaust indoor heat, smoke flavor, steam and so on.