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Cattle Barn Fan

Cattle Barn Fan

Product Details

NSC SeriesCattle Barn FanProduct Features:

Frame: All CNC mold manufacturing, high precision, the use of Shougang National standard galvanized plate, thickened zinc layer, excellent corrosion resistance.

Wheel: Aviation grade magnesium aluminum alloy new wheel, high-strength precision die-casting, high strength, good toughness.

Fan Blade: Export grade 430 stainless steel fan blade, no deformation, no fracture. The whole machine through the dynamic balance of precision calibration, reasonable leaf type angle, in ensuring the production of high wind volume at the same time, noise control within 65db.

Protective Mesh: Double coating design, do not rust.

Motor: 12 High performance motor, no triangle belt required. Optional CCC,UL,CE and other certification, protection class: IP54, Insulation grade: F class.

Detection: Six strict quality testing procedures: noise detection, vibration detection, rotation concentric performance testing, wind vane speed detection, air volume detection, machine efficiency testing.