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Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

Product Details

Cooler is no compressor, no refrigerant products, it is the use of circulating water evaporation to achieve ventilation cooling purposes. Compared with the traditional compressor air conditioning system, the cost is only one-third, and the equipment does not occupy any floor area. The system is simple and easy to install and maintain quickly. Embodying energy saving, human nature, aesthetics, environmental protection and other characteristics, for electronics, textiles, footwear, plastics, machinery workshops, cigarette factories, modern homes, offices, supermarkets, hospitals, waiting rooms and other environments of ventilation cooling provides a cheap solution.

Frequency conversion speed regulation, motor speed regulation is smooth, the whole machine runs smoothly, the effect of power saving is good;

Low operating costs: fast recovery of investment: compared to the traditional compressor air conditioning series, the power consumption is only its 1/8-1/10.

The cooling effect is obvious: the cooling range can reach about 10-15 ℃.

The fuselage adopts high strength weatherability polymer, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, anti-deformation;

The use of professional design axial fan, large air volume, small noise, low energy consumption;

The use of high-quality fully enclosed aluminum shell motor, good heat dissipation, high protection level;

The use of open water distributor, so that the water flow is uniform and smooth, not easy to clog;

The use of energy-saving evaporation filter, evaporation efficiency is high, cooling effect is good, easy to clean.