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Horn fan (butterfly type)

Horn fan (butterfly type)

Product Details

1, horn fan (butterfly type): computer simulation to optimize the horn design, increase the intake area, strong exhaust wind, smooth operation

2, frame: All CNC mold manufacturing, high precision, materials can be selected stainless steel, galvanized plate

3, Wheel: Aviation grade magnesium aluminum alloy new wheels, high-strength precision die-casting, high strength, good toughness

4, Fan Blade: 430 stainless steel fan blade, no deformation, no fracture. Precision calibration of the whole machine after dynamic balance, reasonable angle of leaf type

5, imported bearings, high strength, low noise, long-term durability

Scope of application

1, suitable for high temperature or odor of the workshop: such as heat treatment plant, casting plant, plastic parts, aluminum profile factory, etc.

2, applicable to labor-intensive enterprises: such as garment factories, etc.

3, horticultural greenhouse ventilation cooling, animal husbandry field cooling

4, suitable for the need to cool and need humidity places: such as cotton mills, etc.