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Circulation fan

Circulation fan

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Winter greenhouse should not only ventilate, but also maintain the temperature of the greenhouse, open the window ventilation back to cause a huge waste of energy, in the cold season, the closed greenhouse air is relatively non-flowing, temperature and humidity concentrated on the surface of the plant, will affect the photosynthesis of plants, and easy to breed mold. EC series of circulation fans, simulating the flow of natural air, so that the winter greenhouse to form a relatively air flow of the greenhouse small environment.

1, the use of all-stainless steel shell, magnesium aluminum alloy wind leaves, three anti-motor, shell using advanced docking welding technology, beautiful and firm.

2, the wind vane using precision computer dynamic balance calibration, smooth operation.

3, the motor selection GB, fully closed waterproof performance is good, in high temperature and humid environment can be long-term operation.

4, Pendant: Hard link/stainless steel hanging chain optional.