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Maintenance methods for gas-fired hot water boilers

Our daily use of items are in need of maintenance, then gas-fired hot water boiler is no exception, let's take a look at it.

I. Pressure maintenance (for boilers that produce spare boilers or stop operating for a short period of time not exceeding one week)

(1) After stopping the furnace, put all the water out of the furnace, the scale and slag in the furnace will be cleaned, and the qualified softening water will be added again.

(2) regular heating with small fire, or regular use of adjacent boiler steam heating furnace water, so that the boiler water temperature should be maintained in the summer at an ambient temperature of about 10 degrees C, winter should achieve furnace water does not freeze, close all empty ingress valves, sewage valves and water discharge valves, reduce leakage.

(3) Gas-fired hot water boiler regular lying water, to maintain the boiler pressure of 0.05 MPa to 0.1MPa to reduce air into the pot.

Second, wet maintenance (wet maintenance is generally applicable to the shutdown time not more than a month of boiler maintenance)

(1) After stopping the furnace in accordance with the prescribed time to release the furnace water, scale, water residue, soot clean.

(2) Close all the holes, hand holes, valves, etc. , and the operation of the boiler is relatively good isolation.

(3) Use qualified softened water to prepare alkaline protection solution, according to each ton of furnace water added to sodium hydroxide Na (OH) 8 kg to 10 kg, or add sodium carbonate (NaC03) 20 kg, or add sodium phosphate (Na2P03) 20 kg.

(4) Use a pump to inject a well-formulated alkaline maintenance solution into the boiler.

(5) When the protection solution is fully injected, open the water feed valve will be qualified softened water filled the boiler until the water overflows from the air valve, and then close the air valve and water feed valve, open the use of pump circulation, so that the solution mixing evenly.

(6) During the whole maintenance period, the heating oven should be kept dry regularly with a micro-fire oven, regularly open the pump cycle, so that the concentration of solutions everywhere is the same, but also regularly take the solution test and supplement the liquid, so that the pH value of the solution between 10 to 12, to achieve the alkalinity of the furnace water.

(7) Gas-fired hot water boilers need to take appropriate antifreeze measures in winter.