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Features of farmed and warmed boiler products

Features of farmed heating boiler products:

1, energy-saving and environmental protection double-layer furnace anti-burning structure not only improve the rate of coal combustion, but also make the volatile part of coal can be burned. Heat exchange all the use of pipe winding technology and open-type gray ingenuity, Yongbao good working condition.

2, the safety of the worry system normal pressure operation, cultured temperature boiler according to temperature control, automatic mechanical air, automatic water, super-temperature protection, automatic alarm.

3, the temperature is constant using micro-computer intelligent control, to ensure that the boiler water temperature is relatively stable.

4, the pipe anti-burning, heat energy use more reasonable, more coal-saving.

The company designed and produced farmed heating boilers using quartz carbon fiber heating tube, the far infrared light emitted can further enable the healthy growth of animals. The innovative fan design is custom-made to transfer heat to the ground and surrounding areas, allowing the entire room to be evenly temperatured. Specific technical analysis please see the site's other relevant matters description or contact us, we will be 24 hours to provide you with consulting services.