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Show you the material of the fan water curtain

Fan water curtain using honeycomb structure, from the original paper processing and production. Its production process is pulp yarn, drying, pressing corrugated, shaped, glued, curing, slicing, grinding, etc. , here we summarize four points to identify the quality of the water curtain, please look at it together.

1, raw materials

Good wet curtain made of Jiamus esotined paper, with high water absorption rate, water resistance, anti-mold, long use of the advantages. Evaporation is greater than the surface, cooling efficiency is greater than 80%. Good-quality wet curtains are also free of phenols and other chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

2, process (strength)

Cooling water curtain paper process is relatively simple can be seen, hand touch, nose smell to judge. Look at the ripple sliver of cooling water curtain paper, good cooling water curtain paper ripple sliver neatly the same; The taste is certainly better than the big taste (the use of glue directly affects the taste of cooling water curtain paper).

Cooling water curtain paper production process has a "single-piece curing process", many better manufacturers have this process, this process can increase the hardness of cooling water curtain paper, increase the service life of wet curtain.

For the wind turbine water curtain paper strength judgment in addition to hardness judgment can also be judged by the number of water curtain paper sheet, to 600mm wide 7090 type cooling water curtain paper for example, because the ripple height is 7mm, so 600mm wide cooling water curtain paper, according to the standard calculation of about 85 sheets, the normal error range of 2 sheets, that is, between 83-87 sheets belong to the standard. Many manufacturers produce cutting materials to reduce production costs, the actual number of sheets in 80 sheets below, such a cooling water curtain paper after a period of use of water size has been reduced, resulting in a good wet curtain wall in the middle gap is very large, the purchase of cooling water curtain paper need to polish the eyes.

3, absorbent

Good cooling water curtain paper has no surfactant, natural water absorption, diffusion speed, the efficiency is relatively long. A drop of water can spread in 4 to 5 seconds. With industry standard natural absorbent 60 to 70mm/5min or 200mm/1.5hour. It should be noted here that many manufacturers use recycled pulp paper production to sub-charge, this raw material produced paper absorbent, service life is far less than Jiamus raw pulp paper.

We can see from the light transmission of cooling water curtain paper lower resistance and breathability this shows that cooling water curtain paper has excellent breathability and moisture, can achieve a uniform water permeation of the entire wet curtain wall, cooling water curtain paper three-dimensional space design for water and air heat exchange provides evaporation surface area, high water resistance and has a large evaporation ratio.

4, the use of matching

(1) Cooling water curtain paper models are mainly 7090, 6090, 5090 these kinds, its corresponding ripple height, that is, the diameter of the honeycomb hole is 7mm, 6mm, 5mm; Generally larger dust more space and poor water quality environment, it is recommended to use 7090 type, the use of space water quality is good, less dust environment and machinery and equipment recommended to use 5090 type.

(2) Fan water curtain paper color is also a variety: brown, green, yellow, black, etc. , of which brown, that is, the use of primary color is relatively wide. For single-sided spray color curing, changed the traditional wet curtain fragile, surface cleaning is not convenient and other shortcomings, high strength, strong impact resistance, the use of a separate process, can better inhibit bacteria, algae growth. When choosing a single-sided spray color, to ask the depth of the factory spray, generally 2-3cm.

(3) Cooling water curtain paper conventional thickness mainly 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, of which 10 cm and 15 cm series of applications are relatively wide, other sizes can be customized.