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How much do you know about the characteristics of aquaculture hot blast stove

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Scientific and environmental protection: traditional chicken and duck house heating, such as station stove, fire wall, kang surface, etc., is static Heating is radiant heat conduction. The heating space is uneven, the energy consumption is high, and the effect is poor. It also cannot ventilate and exchange air. Due to the lack of fresh air and high and low humidity, it often causes different chicken and duck diseases. Such as: floating disease, bird flu and different chronic respiratory diseases. It should be noted that in the brooding stage, because the temperature is close to 40 ℃, the disease-resistant environment is realized, and the traditional heating method cannot be achieved.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; our new breeding hot air furnace adopts clean heat exchange, high temperature part heat exchange of the furnace body, clean and purified Fresh air heating technology. Internal and external circulation, internal circulation, internal circulation, free switching, heating and ventilation at the same time, relatively quick reduction of ammonia in the storage. It is better to eliminate gas poisoning and personnel poisoning of chicks, and better to prevent respiratory diseases, and each chicken and duck can save 0. 25 yuan.

0010010 nbsp; Energy saving: The use of better negative pressure oxygen-enriched combustion technology can ensure that coal combustion is better. Reduce defects such as uneven temperature of the furnace under positive pressure combustion, impermeable combustion, overflow of smoke and local burning. Let energy saving take the starting point from the beginning of combustion! Compared with the traditional heating method (soil stove), the demand for coal can save 30% -50% The machine is equipped with secondary heat exchange, and the heat energy utilization rate is relatively high. The high-tech design of the double fan is more energy-saving and more efficient. The work of the fan and the cigarette lighter are automatically controlled by the temperature, which may save power.

Intelligent constant temperature: with automatic alarm function for coal shortage, automatic temperature control and automatic ventilation; the tuyere temperature reaches the set value, the furnace automatically presses the fire, and the fan and blower fine-tuning computer automatic control.

Safe and labor-saving breeding hot air stove: heating products without radiator, safe operation; no burning shed, no fumigation shed, no maintenance, easy installation. Even when it is running at full load, it still has better heat utilization. In the process of use, no fever, no overflow, no cracking, no explosion, men, women and children can operate.