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Talk about how to choose a suitable cowshed fan

Now that Gu Yu has passed, it indicates that the cold weather has passed, spring is gone, and summer is coming, I believe many cattle farmers are more entangled in the problem of summer cattle cooling. Compared to other seasons, raising cows in summer often requires more care. RetrofitCowshed fanSuch ventilation equipment can solve some troubles for cattle farmers in the summer. Recently, someone just left a message to ask about the purchase of fans. Today we will take advantage of this consultation to talk about what details should be paid attention to when buying fans?

  1. Choose the appropriate model according to the design of the cowshed

This is very important, the fan model should be suitable for their own cattle farm. When buying a fan, try to tell the business of the design parameters of your own cattle farm, such as area, length, width, height, feeding density, cattle pen interval, etc., and consult the air intake of various types of fans. Good results.

  2. Fan technology

Even a brand fan cannot guarantee that every fan is manufactured well. When buying a fan, pay attention to check the details of the fan manufacturing, especially the materials used for the fan, welding points, wire connection contacts, and the tightness of the motor mounting screws. The better the manufacturing process, the better the quality of the fan.

  3. Fan appearance

Appearance is not equal to quality, but in this era of looking at the face, a smooth appearance, smooth and beautiful products can also reflect the solid basic skills of a manufacturer. It is impossible for the user to think about the quality of the cowshed fan.

  4. Fan brand

Due to the poor cattle farm environment and high corrosiveness, the brand fan should be selected when choosing a cow house fan. In addition to the good quality of brand fans, they generally have good after-sales service. Once the fan fails, it can be repaired in time, so farmers can worry a lot.