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Brief analysis of noise hazard of axial flow cow house fan

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The axial flow cowhouse fan has the advantages of large air volume, low energy consumption, low sound, and convenient maintenance and operation. Fans have been widely used in the design of agricultural tourism in China. It can also be used in some low-pressure ventilation places such as workshops, shops and markets. The use of axial fans requires the presence of fan impellers. The airflow direction of the axial fan is the same, just like the electric fans used in the summer are all axial fans. In an axial fan, the gas moves parallel to the fan axis. In the case of high flow requirements and low pressure requirements, axial flow is commonly used. The fixed position of the axial fan is to use the movement of air. So how can we maintain it? Several maintenance methods for axial fans are introduced.

  1. When the axial fan is working, some equipment of the axial fan needs to work in a normal environment. Ensure that the axial fan equipment operates in a normal operating environment;

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 2. Regularly remove the dirt on the blades of the axial fan to achieve its normal operation shutdown.

  3. Check whether the fan blades are loose and the gap between the blades and the blades is normal.

  4. In the connection environment of the motor and the chassis, and the integrity of the connection between the damping seat and the base, check the work.

  5. One is the problem of replacing motor bearing grease. The normal time is once every three months. The grease can also be replaced according to the actual environment and use conditions.

Axial fans must be well maintained during operation. This is what the fan management specialist must understand. The simple structure of the axial fans gives a good time for maintenance progress. Maintenance work.

It is normal for the equipment to form during operation, but it must be controlled within a certain range. When the noise of the axial fan is too large, what harm will it bring?

1. It will affect people's hearing, and set it to require workers to operate it. If it is exposed to a lot of noise for a long time, it will damage my eardrum, which will make my hearing abnormal. Inducing hearing loss and even hearing loss, it is necessary to attract everyone's attention.

2. It will seriously damage the service life of the motor, resulting in abnormal heat dissipation of the motor. The motor itself may be burned if the temperature is too high. These situations often happen. We warmly remind everyone that when there is noise in the axial motor, it needs to be repaired in time, do not continue to use it, and do not cause big problems because of this problem.