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Some points to be noticed in the installation of cattle house fan

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The installation of the cowshed fan is an aspect worthy of attention. Therefore, after learning the importance and precautions of correct installation, the fan can be installed correctly, so as to obtain a good installation effect. In addition, it can also deepen the understanding of the fan.

The importance of the correct installation of the cowshed fan is mainly reflected in the correct specification of the fan, thereby improving its performance and reducing the probability of failure. For the precautions during the installation of the fan, three parts will be explained in detail before, during and after installation.

  1. Before installation

The complete and comprehensive inspection of the fan is mainly to see whether the parts are intact and intact, whether the fasteners are tightened, whether they are loose, and whether the gaps are suitable everywhere. Regarding the selection of the air outlet, it should be noted that there must be no obstacles around it.

  2. Installing

To ensure that the fan runs on a level and solid foundation, its support should be horizontally stable, and if necessary, it can be reinforced. After installation, check the sealing performance to see if there are any gaps. If there is, it can be sealed with glass glue, and then to eliminate the gap.

  3. After installation

When the installation of the cowshed fan is completed, check whether there are debris and tools inside the fan. In addition, the fan blades should be turned by hand to check whether there is any rubbing and whether the gap is suitable. If there is no problem, then the trial operation of the fan can be carried out.