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What aspects of flue gas have an influence on the bag filter

Let's take a look at what aspects of flue gas affect the bag filter, the specific content is as follows:

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 1. Soot particles: The dust content in coal-fired flue gas is usually invisible to the naked eye due to the small particle size. , You will find that they have different shapes, no rules, look like blades, and they have different diameters.

  2. Flue gas content: due to different coal types, the amount of dust in the flue gas is different. When the dust enters the dust collector, the diameter of the dust is different, the weight is different, and the larger diameter dust follows gravity The effect is to fall or fall off under the bag filter, and the dust with small particle size generates kinetic energy under the action of wind speed.

  3. Types of soot materials: due to the different coal types in the soot, the proportion of dust is also different. Dust can be divided into: dust, inorganic dust, mixed dust according to different substances. The analysis of inorganic dust in flue gas mainly includes Sio 2, FeA, Cao, Mgo, Mn and other elements.

  4. Temperature index: Temperature is one of the important indexes for the use of filter media. The temperature directly determines the service life of the filter material. The temperature that the filter material can withstand can be divided into: normal temperature (below 130 ℃), medium temperature filter material (130-200 ℃), high temperature filter material (200 ℃ the above). At present, the relatively high temperature resistant filter material can withstand a temperature of 300 ℃, that is, the temperature of the high temperature filter material is located at (200-300) glass fiber drunk high temperature 300 ℃, and the use temperature of drunkenness is 260 ℃.

  5. Flue gas content: Because our country ’s raw coal has not been carefully selected for classification before use, many varieties are mixed and the coal types are mixed with different contents, mainly their calorific value, sulfur content, volatile content, etc Indicators are not easy to distinguish.

  0010010 nbsp; China ’s coal types, such as raw coal, lean coal, white coal, etc., whose calorific value can reach more than 5000 calories, volatile amount is about 17%, and ash content is small However, poorly drunk coal types, such as coal gangue, peat, etc., have a calorific value of 800-3000 kcal, and their volatile amount can reach 50%-70%, and the amount of carbon powder is large. It can be seen that the different coal types create differences in calorific value, volatile amount and carbon powder amount. The flue gas produced after coal combustion, the flue gas entering the dust collector through the pipe is called the inlet flue gas, and the size of the inlet flue gas affects the service life of the bag of the dust collector. In the case of a large amount of flue gas at the inlet, if the filtering area is small and the filtering wind speed is high, the pressure of the dust collector rises, which leads to an increase in the pressure of the dust filter bag, which exacerbates the damage of the filter bag. The choice of coal type determines the amount of flue gas, and the amount of flue gas directly affects the service life of the dust bag. When the dust is filtered by the cloth bag, it is accumulated on the filter bag. At this time, the kinetic energy is converted to zero, and the impact force will be generated on the filter bag: under the action of the kinetic energy, the dust constantly flushes the cloth bag. At high wind speeds, the dust bag will withstand thousands of frictions and scours, so that the fibers on the surface of the dust bag cannot withstand the scouring and fall off, damaging the filtration rate of the dust bag. Therefore, for industrial mines with a large amount of smoke, the anti-wear performance of the bag dust collector needs to be considered in order to extend the service life of the filter material itself.