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Matters needing attention during installation of gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilerIt is one of the boiler products and is divided according to the use of the boiler. A hot water boiler is a boiler product that produces hot water. It mainly provides hot water and heating for people, and is closely related to people's lives.

Hot water boilers can be divided into horizontal hot water boilers, vertical hot water boilers, fuel oil hot water boilers, gas hot water boilers, electric hot water boilers, biomass hot water boilers, etc. These are subdivisions of hot water boiler products Occupies an important position.

Gas-fired coal-fired hot water boilers are widely used and can be used in densely populated areas such as hospitals, schools, hotels, bathhouses, etc. Due to the large flow of people, we need to pay attention to the following when installing a hot water boiler:

  1, reasonable boiler

Reasonable boiler means that the boiler needs to be placed in a reasonable location, cannot be installed in a place with no air circulation, cannot be installed in a dark and humid place, cannot be installed in a random room, and a dedicated boiler room is required. And it is necessary to realize the flattening of the boiler, since the boiler has been shaken.

  2, installer

In order to ensure the safe and durable operation of the boiler, the boiler needs to have relatively good boiler knowledge personnel and installers with installation experience to install the boiler, which can enable the auxiliary accessories of the boiler to be installed correctly, reduce unnecessary trouble, and make The safety factor of the boiler is further changed.

  3, check

After the gas-fired coal-fired hot water boiler is installed, we need to perform a good inspection, check the boiler pipes for water leakage, check whether the valves are in a tightly closed state, check whether the instruments are in a normal working state, and check the burner Connect to the natural gas pipeline and check the combustion of the burner. Only after a good inspection can normal operations be carried out.