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Introduction to the cleaning of water curtain of negative pressure fan and water volume control

Why should we regularly clean and clean the water curtain of negative pressure fan?

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; I think everyone knows that the machine is not regularly cleaned and maintained after operating for a long time The special structure and working principle of the air cooler, during the operation of the water curtain air cooler, the exhaust gas, dust, fibers and other substances generated in the life process are fixedly collected on the evaporator fins and dust screen of the air conditioner indoor unit, forming a dark and wet The working environment, so that dust, fiber, dirt and dirt can easily accumulate in the dust net, evaporator, air supply tank, wind wheel, etc., breeding mold, mites, legionella, and other different bacteria. Benefits of regular maintenance of water curtain air cooler:

  1 Regular in-depth cleaning of the inside and outside of the air conditioner can clean up the different dirt, bacteria and germs of each part of the air conditioner, and it is better to reduce the spread of bacteria and bacteria;

  2 Regularly clean the inside and outside of the air cooler of the air conditioner, you can clean the odor inside the air conditioner and the air, keep the indoor air clean and hygienic, and create a safe and healthy living environment for users.

  3, increase the cooling and use efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning, save more electrical energy (if every dirty air conditioner is cleaned in time, it will save about 10%-30% of household electricity), increase air conditioning Service life.

How suitable is the water volume control of the fan curtain cooling system?

The negative pressure fan uses mechanical kinetic energy to force the indoor air out of the room, so that the indoor air pressure drops, the indoor air becomes thinner, and a negative pressure area is formed. Due to the difference in air pressure, the air is cooled by the water curtain wall on the other side to compensate and flow into the room to achieve ventilation. The purpose of cooling. This is the cooling system of the water curtain fan. What is the problem of water volume adjustment in the cooling and cooling process of the water curtain fan? Let us take a look at it today.

The water volume of the negative pressure fan is adjusted. The wet curtain water supply should make the wet curtain evenly soaked up to 90%. The water flow can be adjusted by adjusting the opening of the pump pressure relief valve to adjust the total water supply of the wet curtain (inversely proportional); and Adjust the opening of the water inlet ball valve of the wet curtain, and the negative pressure fan can adjust the water supply of the wet curtain. When the water tank of the water curtain fan cooling system is short of water or the water level is not high enough, it is strictly forbidden to energize the water pump to the negative pressure fan, otherwise it will cause the water pump to forward heat and burn the water pump; due to the water consumption of the wet curtain evaporation, when the pump is energized, the water supply needs to be normal (The feed water valve is normally open).

Negative pressure fan water curtain water flow will cause backflow difficulties, which will cause water to overflow from the sink. Excessive amount of water will also cause "flying water" on the upper frame baffle and wet curtain burrs; too small will make the wet curtain unevenly soaked. When the water leakage problem is cleaned and it is found that there are water droplets splashing away from the wet curtain, you need to check whether the water supply is too large; whether there is a damaged wet curtain, the edge is damaged or burrs (you can pull it out or plug the sponge to handle it) when the frame interface leaks. After stopping the water supply, wipe off the leaking area and add waterproof glue (glass glue) to dry it. When the water supply has just been turned on and the wet curtain is not soaked, it is normal to have a short "floating water" phenomenon.