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Explain the characteristics of heating boiler in pig house

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Our company has better technical personnel and production equipment, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating independent development, development, design, production and sales of heating boilers. The company has a relatively experienced and well-skilled after-sales service team that can track service operations for everyone. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the pig house heating boiler:

The characteristics of the pig house heating boiler are introduced as follows:

(1) Better technology for heating boilers, better manufacturing equipment, intelligent control of microcomputer, display of color screen, easy control, simple and fast;

(2) It does not have pressure heating, one machine has many belts, and there is no pressure water heating and repetition, heating of the breeding site used can be achieved, preventing dryness, without humidification;

(3) The selected materials are better, the research and development are reasonable, natural repetition, and can also be forced to repeatedly heat with the pump. Small, light weight, easy to install;

(4) There are multiple protections, stability and no worries, double running power maintenance is set up to prevent dry burning maintenance, no infection will occur, indoor control, over-degree alarm, stability and no worries;

(5) The lifting degree is fast and the heat speed is fast. After 1 minutes have been turned on, the heated mechanical water is repeated through the gallbladder to the air sheet, and there are {{2} at the exit } About ℃, the degree of 30 minutes is about 7 5 ℃.

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