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Chicken house heating equipment commonly used for brooding

Brooding is an important part of the process of raising chickens. Chicks that have just come out of the shell have very little fluff and are relatively weak. The temperature regulation function has not been developed yet, and temperature is very important for the growth of chicks. If the temperature is too low, the resistance of the chicks will be reduced, and colds, diarrhea and other diseases are easy to occur, and the chicks will die due to mutual compression, so the appropriate temperature is the key factor to ensure the success of brooding.

At present, there are several types of chicken house heating equipment commonly used for brooding:

  1, coal stove heating

Coal stove heating is a relatively common way of heating. There is a chimney connected to shoot the smoke outdoors. The more commonly used iron coal stove is cylindrical or gourd-shaped, which is composed of the bottom and the furnace body. , Used to load coal, with a damper in the front and a flue in the back to connect the chimney. Toxic gas is discharged outdoors through the chimney.

Advantages: using a coal stove for heating is more economical and easy to use.

Disadvantages: The temperature is not uniform, and it is necessary to continuously add fuel manually. Another disadvantage is that if the exhaust gas is not done properly, it is easy to produce gas poisoning. In addition, because it is an open flame, preventive measures should be in place, otherwise it will cause a fire.

  2, electric umbrella

The electric heating umbrella is made of flame-retardant and heat-insulating umbrella cloth as the outer cover, which is equipped with heating rods and temperature adjustment equipment. Once energized, the heating rod dissipates heat through electric heating. The temperature under the umbrella can be adjusted by the chicken house heating equipment. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heating rod will be started to start heating. status.

Advantages: easy to operate, it can be folded like an umbrella when not in use, it is very convenient, the temperature under the umbrella is relatively uniform, and it can better meet the temperature requirements of chicks. Because it is electrically heated, it does not pollute.

Disadvantages: due to the umbrella type, heating under the umbrella, the heating area is limited, the number of brooding is limited, suitable for small farmers.