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Can the closed cowshed use the cowshed fan and spray to alleviate the heat stress

Feeding environmental conditions are important factors that affect animal health and production performance. The temperature in southern China is high in summer, with an average temperature of more than 30 C from May to September each year. The production of beef cattle is generally affected by high temperature stress, resulting in a decline in the growth rate of beef cattle and great economic losses. Therefore, seeking measures to alleviate the heat stress of beef cattle has become the focus of current research.

Measures to alleviate the heat stress of beef cattle include breeding heat-resistant breeds, regulating the environmental conditions of the cowshed, and nutrition regulation. At present, the regulation of the environment of the cowshed mainly adopts the shading of the cowshed, the installation of the cowshed fan, the spray system, the fan plus spray and the negative pressure cooling of the wet curtain, etc. The nutrition regulation includes improving the nutritional level of the beef cattle diet, adding fatty acids, chromium preparations and Chinese herbal medicine And other additives. The fan and spray cooling system can greatly relieve the heat stress of dairy cows and beef cattle and improve the production performance. Adding chromium in the diet to relieve heat stress and promote animal growth has been confirmed in pig gates, layer hens, broilers, dairy cows and beef cattle. The installation of the cattle fan and the addition of chromium in the feed of the open beef cattle house can alleviate the heat stress of the beef cattle, improve the daily quality and economic benefit, and the combination of the two has a good effect.

However, there have been no reports on the combination of cow house fan plus spray cooling and beef cattle diets adding chromium to relieve beef cattle heat stress. In this experiment, the effect of installing relay air supply and spraying system and adding chromium in the diet on the growth performance of beef cattle, beef cattle physiology and the environment of the cattle house in the small group of enclosed house-type beef cattle houses were studied. Stress provides a reference.