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The main characteristics of the chicken house heating boiler (below)

Following the book, we continue to look at the main features of the chicken house heating boiler:

  1. Better energy saving effect

The chicken house heating boiler can be started and stopped as needed, and temperature compensation and seasonal compensation can be used to a greater extent to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption. Each boiler has a check valve. Hot water does not flow in non-operating boilers and circuits. Compared with other systems, during the entire heating period, heat loss is greatly reduced and fuel consumption is saved by 25%.

  2. Low pollution

The burner imported from Germany has a high burnout rate and low polluting gas emissions. Higher than national and local environmental protection requirements. Coal-fired hot blast stove

  3. Full computer automatic control

(1) Automatic control by microcomputer, the temperature is more constant, and the operation is more stable

(2) When the total heat supply is large, “modular” parallel assembly can be used to facilitate the realization of fully automatic computer group control.

  4. Low installation cost (small size, easy installation and maintenance)

(1) Small size

Due to the particularity of castings, a large number of heating surfaces can be arranged on a small volume, the volume is only 1 / {{1}} 1 / {{ 3}}, greatly reducing the capital construction investment in the boiler house.

(2) Easy to assemble and maintain

The chicken house heating boiler adopts the method of assembling piece by piece, so that the boiler enters the narrow basement, roof and other spaces for installation. Boiler installation and relatively low requirements for the boiler room also reduce installation costs and capital investment.

  5. Safety insurance

(1) Full water wall design

Prevent local overheating, eliminate dry burning and cracking, and reduce potential safety hazards.

(2) Safe and reliable

When multiple chicken house heating boilers are in operation, they are separate systems connected in parallel. If the boiler fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the system. It can not only provide continuous heating demand, but also achieve a single problem without affecting the overall operation of the system.