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Biomass hot water stove market analysis and distribution tips

Market analysis of biomass hot water stove

According to relevant research reports from the Institute of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, many types of boilers in cities are one of the most important energy-consuming pollution sources. The amount of carbon dioxide released each year accounts for 30% of the total amount released by cities. At the same time, with the tension of various types of energy, the operating cost of the boiler is higher. Therefore, energy-saving and environmentally friendly boilers are urgently needed in the market. Taking second-tier cities as an example, about 40,000 to 50,000 energy-saving boilers are needed each year, and the market supply is less than one-fifth. This product just meets this market demand, and it is expected to have a good market prospect in the future.

Benefit Analysis

A batch of lower-level purchases for city-level distributors should not be less than 5 10,000 yuan, and its current sales cannot be less than 5 0 million; {2}} 10,000 yuan, and the current year ’s sales cannot be less than 3 0 million yuan.

Biomass hot water stoves have different powers, ranging from 15 KW to 1400 KW, and the price will increase as the power increases. Taking 15 KW's biomass hot water boiler as an example, it is recommended that the retail price of the dealer is 18000 yuan, and the purchase price of the dealer is 12960 yuan, the difference is {{5} }yuan. With the increase of power, the profit margin of dealers will also increase, with an average gross profit rate of about 30%.

Distribution tips

  1. The product is now in the market promotion period. The market conditions and consumption levels in different regions are different. Prospective investors should make a full inspection according to the specific market conditions.

  2, Biomass hot water stove is suitable for home and commercial places, such as villa area, factory, automobile 4 S store, Gower driving range, shopping mall, restaurant, etc.

  3, dealers must have certain sales experience in HVAC building materials