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How does the chicken house heating boiler make the chickens no longer cold in winter?

When winter comes, chickens will also feel cold and have a certain impact on their egg production and meat growth, thenChicken house heating boilerCan help you solve this problem. Let Shandong Jindun Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. give you a brief introduction, I hope it can help you!

The thermal performance of the chicken house heating boiler is fast and stable. The 100 square meter room is heated and heated up by {{1}} degrees for as long as 30 minutes. And the temperature difference does not exceed 1 degrees.

The boiler operates without pressure and is safe and reliable: the novel outer layer insulation technology of breeding hot air stove, chicken hot air stove and pig hot air stove not only improves the thermal efficiency, but also eliminates the scalding hazards caused by high temperature.

The henhouse heating boiler automatically humidifies, the novel design eliminates the disadvantages of manual sprinkling, and the humidification and drying can be selected according to your own wishes. Let you save money while worrying more! !

Uniform room temperature: The temperature at the beginning of the fire tube in the original furnace heating method is too high, and the chicks dare not come close, and the ht series flue is treated with a sandwich air duct, which greatly reduces the temperature and plays an important balance And the role of uniform room temperature. The chicken house heating boiler equipment can not only meet your local high temperature requirements during brooding, but after diffusion, the room temperature of the whole house can achieve the ideal effect whether it is vertical or horizontal

The henhouse heating boiler is worry-free, and the breeding hot air stove, chicken hot air stove and pig hot air stove adopt anaerobic automatic sealing technology, automatic temperature control technology and humidification technology, thus realizing intelligent management of environmental heating and subversive The traditional heating method that requires special personnel to manage and smoke, which is time-consuming and coal-fired, has a thermal efficiency of 95%, and the power consumption is only equivalent to five percent of the nominal power of the hot blast stove fan One or so, save time and effort, use coal as fuel, add it once, no manual management a day, and ash once every three to five days