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How to dry camellia seeds with biomass hot water hot air stove?

The current status of oil tea seed drying: drying is the initial process of oil tea seed processing and utilization, which has an important impact on the quality, oil yield and oil quality of oil tea seed. For a long time, tea oil was mainly grown, collected and managed by farmers themselves, and suppressed by the workshop. Natural drying is the main method of drying, with long drying time and high labor intensity. In addition, the south is rainy. Camellia oleifera seeds have high moisture content, are perishable, and rancidity of oil, which seriously affects the subsequent processing process, and has become one of the bottlenecks for large-scale production of camellia oleifera. In order to adapt to the industrialized production of camellia, it must be developedBiomass hot water stove, Improve production efficiency and output, adapt to the development trend of China's policies, and achieve the goals of energy saving, environmental protection and excellent.

Matters needing attention in the drying process of camellia seeds

  1. The drying method has a certain influence on the quality of camellia seeds. Camellia seeds should be dried by hot air. Biomass hot-air stove is used for drying, the quality of oil and fat is better during storage, and the acid value and peroxide value are lower. Zhongde biomass hot-air stove is of low temperature and low temperature, with better quality.

  2. The hot air drying rate of camellia seeds is related to temperature and bulk density. The higher the temperature, the greater the drying rate; when the drying temperature is fixed, the greater the bulk density, the lower the drying rate, the longer the drying time. In 40, 55, {{3} }, The time required for the camellia seeds to dry to relatively safe storage of moisture is 20, 15, 13 h; the bulk density is 322, 354 , 430, 442 kg / m 3, the drying time required to dry to the relative safe storage of water of camellia seeds is 15, 20, { {14}}, around 25 h.