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Product features of chicken house heating boiler

The chicken house heating boiler is a new type of environmentally friendly product that our company has continuously introduced world new technologies for many years, combined with China's coal types and combustion habits, and successfully developed it. This product can burn a variety of low-coking lump coal and anthracite coal. New vortex combustion, combination of positive and negative combustion, multiple air distribution, reciprocating heat exchange and other new technologies have been adopted to make the flue gas emission blackness and dust emission concentration meet the first-class regional emission standards in China.

  1. Numerical control system-using microcomputer numerical control system. Boiler operation is controlled by itself, and long-term supervision is not required during normal operation. Large coal storage bin, coal can be burned for several hours at a time.

  2. Efficiency and energy saving——Using super-conductor and fire tube technology, the multi-return orbital combustion heating temperature is nearly double that of traditional boilers, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced below 150 degrees, and the boiler thermal efficiency reaches 2}}%, saving more coal than traditional coal-fired boilers 40%-50%.

  3. Environmental protection——The henhouse heating boiler adopts the technology of reburning and vortex cyclone combustion. The temperature of the secondary combustion chamber of the boiler reaches above 1500 degrees. The coal black is burnt out, and the sulfur in the coal is synthesized with other substances under high temperature conditions to synthesize salt substances, which achieves the environmental protection requirements without relying on additional dust removal and desulfurization devices and relying on the boiler itself. The boiler itself realizes smoke elimination, dust removal and desulfurization.

  4 Safety and convenience-chicken house heating boilers are non-pressure products, there is no risk factor for steam boilers, scientific coal storage bins, coal can be continuously burned for several hours at a time, as long as coal is added 2- 3 times, the microcomputer controls the operation of the boiler throughout the process, and the furnace is sealed immediately when there is a situation. In normal operation, there is no need for a long-term special person to keep watch. It not only guarantees safety but also reduces labor intensity, so it has achieved the characteristics of time saving and labor saving.

  5 Long service life-With the new design concept, the coal is fully burned in the combustion chamber first, and the resulting smokeless high-temperature air flow enters the fire tube, and heat exchange through the fire tube, which improves the thermal efficiency and makes The fire is less than the metal drum, which greatly improves the life of the chicken house heating boiler.