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Characteristics and principles of chicken house heating equipment

With the continuous development of society nowadays, the awareness of energy saving for raw materials is gradually increasing. Energy saving has become a hot topic today. Now the energy-saving equipment department is economical but can also protect the environment. The new chicken house heating equipment keeps pace with the times and grasps the key of energy saving. Compared with the traditional way, the new chicken house heating equipment not only saves coal, but also saves energy, and the heat supply is more durable and stable.

Features and principles of chicken house heating equipment:

  1 、 Automatic temperature control: This product can freely control the indoor temperature and the operation of the boiler through the extraction of the induced draft fan and the control of the thermostat, and can maintain the indoor temperature without manual operation.

  2, coal saving: the use of high-efficiency multi-stage heating technology to heat the water multiple times, greatly increasing the heating area, improving the utilization of thermal energy, thermal efficiency of 91%, smoke exhaust Low temperature.

  3. Simple operation: only use coal twice in 24 hours to meet the use requirements. More labor-saving and more convenient.

  4, energy saving: using double back-fired, gasified, multi-group spiral tube type heating tube, water grate, water grate. Without additional dust removal and desulfurization devices, energy saving requirements can be achieved.

{{0}} Fast temperature rise: The boiler can provide continuous hot water for 3-5 minutes after ignition. {{2}} Min water temperature {{3}} degrees.

  6 Small size: The boiler has a compact structure and a small footprint, which can save you valuable land resources.

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