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Main features of breeding heating boiler

Breeding heating boilerThe main features are as follows:

1. Burning location:

The newly developed three-stage intake combustion support design is adopted. details as follows:

Main air inlet: Under the action of flue induced draft fan, primary air is blown into the bottom of the furnace, overcoming the resistance of the fire bed and ensuring the oxygen supply of coal burning on the grate.

Side inlet air: A small fan sends air to the middle of the furnace to promote the complete combustion of combustibles (gas and carbon particles) and air to form a strong rotating combustion effect.

Top air inlet: The newly designed conical porous structure is located on the top of the furnace, blowing the flame center directly from top to bottom, eliminating the dead corner of oxygen supply and burning combustibles.

2. Heating part of breeding heating boiler:

The four walls and middle spiral tube of the combustion chamber are designed with ladle water.

  2. In the tempered smoke exhaust section, the water and fire design of the multi-tube combined smoke-proof return structure is used to greatly increase the heating area. Therefore, the device has a fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, and low exhaust temperature.

  3. Environmental dust removal:

Combustion part and heating part are combined. The whole furnace body is composed of a three-dimensional dust collector, which effectively burns the smoke and dust generated by combustion, and meets China's first-class smoke-free emission standards.

  4. Breeding heating boilers are commonly used in bituminous coal, anthracite coal, lump coal and bulk coal. Solve the shortcomings of old products can only burn anthracite lump coal. Users can wash coal nearby, saving investment.

  5. The large-capacity cylindrical combustion chamber increases the furnace capacity, and the upper coal feeder can continuously burn for 6-12 hours.

  6. The low-pressure fan is used to mute the heat exchanger of the air heating part, which solves the problem of excessive noise of the original product.

  7. Convenient operation, open the two bolts on the upper cover, insert the insert plate underneath, the boiler flue can be cleaned directly, saving time and effort

The third-generation computer developed in   8. 2001 was used to improve automatic control. Chinese characters display, the computer is separated from the distribution box, the failure rate is low, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.