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How to calculate the required power of biomass hot water stove

1. The importance of correctly configuring biomass hot water hot air stove

For a factory or an enterprise, the correct selection of hot blast stoves in the production process is related to production efficiency and product quality. Serious cases will also affect the safety of the factory and cause a lot of losses. Therefore, the biomass hot blast stove is related to the safety, quality and efficiency of the enterprise.

Second, how much power is needed

Confirming the power of the hot blast stove is a very important step. Some people sloppy, just estimate the power and think that it is OK. This method is not worth advocating. It needs to be calculated scientifically and rigorously. The power configuration is large, wasting energy and money, and the cannon hits the mosquitoes; the power is low, which prevents the working temperature from being reached, or the heating time is too slow, which also wastes energy and causes the working efficiency to be low, which cannot guarantee the product quality. Confirm that power is a technical activity. After years of practice, we have summarized the following methods for reference only.

  1, calculate the original total energy consumption. The energy consumption status of liquefied gas, natural gas, coal, diesel, and electricity used before the energy transformation. The average calorific value refers to the following data: liquefied gas {{1}} kcal / kg; natural gas 9600 kcal / m3; coal heat is worth seeing what kind of coal the company uses, generally 4500 -7500 kcal / kg; diesel calorific value according to 9600 kcal / kg (note: 1 litre diesel only has 0. 85 kg). Quantity of energy × unit calorific value=total energy consumption.

  2, calculate the original power. Convert the total energy consumption in the original normal working state to the power per hour, but pay attention to the thermal efficiency. The thermal efficiency of liquefied gas and natural gas can be neglected; the thermal efficiency of coal depends on the specific situation, generally 65-75%, and the thermal efficiency of diesel can be calculated as 95%.

3. Defining the power of biomass hot water hot air stove and system

The energy efficiency of biomass hot water stoves depends on different manufacturers, generally around 80-90%. According to the original total energy consumption,

In combination with the thermal efficiency of biomass, the power of the biomass system is calculated. It is also necessary to pay attention to the heating time requirements. The power unit is every hour. The power should be determined according to the specific working conditions of the pipeline and the heating time requirements.

After the theoretical value is calculated, the actual experience value is used to judge whether it is correct. The 100 m3 oven has a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, a heating time of 40 minutes, and a power configuration of 30 million kcal / hour. Note: (The higher the temperature, the lower the thermal efficiency and the larger the power configuration)