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How many advantages do you know about the water curtain cabinet?

Water curtain cabinet is an environmental protection equipment mainly used in the process of spraying paint to deal with waste paint. Its structure is mainly composed of three parts: the bottom pool, the front spray room, and the rear spray room. It mainly uses the water pump as the power for water circulation and spraying. It forms a water curtain on one or three sides of the spray room and forms a spray in the spray room. The excess paint mist generated during spraying encounters the water curtain and flows into the pool along the water. After being cleaned and filtered by the filter, it is pumped away by the exhaust fan, while ensuring that the gas discharged to the outside achieves a good emission effect and meets the requirements of environmental protection, and also ensures that the spray booth achieves a good paint spraying environment effect.

This series of models is mainly used for spraying waste gas treatment in spray booths and spray line workshops in various industries. It is characterized by the ability to filter the odor generated during spraying and a small amount of paint particles through a multi-layer water curtain and spray device. The fan is discharged to the outside of the painting room, so as to not only clean the painting work and the external environment, but also make the surface of the painted workpiece smooth. With the double-layer water curtain, the oil mist floating under the roof can be pumped away through the upper water curtain. The machine is simple to operate, stable and safe to use, and is a new type of environmentally friendly product. The water curtain cabinet has beautiful structure, simple operation, fast disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. It is a good equipment for waste paint treatment.

Advantages of water curtain cabinet:

  1. Sewage and reagents react by accelerating the reactor, the reagents utilization rate is high, no waste, effectively reduce the amount of paint mist agglomerating agent ab agent, save money! save money! save money!

  2. The water processed by the equipment is as clear as tap water, without odor, and the paint mist adsorbed in the circulating water is separated high. Can be recycled and reused, without changing water, to achieve zero emissions, zero emissions, zero emissions!

  3. The separated paint residue is non-sticky and automatically collected without manual cleaning, saving labor! Artificial! Artificial!

  4. The COD and BOD of circulating water are greatly reduced, and the SS (solid suspended matter) value is basically zero.

  5. The equipment covers a small area and is easy to install;

  6. The device runs intelligently, without special care, and can run continuously for 24 hours;

  7. Water curtain cabinet has low operating cost, high efficiency and good effect;

The treated clean water can be recycled without discharge.