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Matters needing attention and paint mist treatment after the installation of the cattle house fan

Cowshed fanAfter installation, check whether there are missing tools and debris in the fan; check whether the fan blade is too tight or have friction, and eliminate the omission before commissioning. Before installation, carefully check whether the fan is intact. Do not install if parts are loose or fall off.

When the cow house fan is running, if the fan vibrates or the motor has a "buzzing" abnormal noise and other abnormal phenomena, it should be shut down in time to check or consult with the maintenance personnel. After removing the abnormal phenomenon, it can be used again. Pay attention to keeping the cowhouse fan horizontal and avoid tilting.

The adjustment bolt of the cow house fan should be in a convenient position in order to adjust the tightness of the belt in the future. If the inverter is installed, the fan switch should be operated normally according to the requirements of the inverter to avoid affecting the service life of the fan.

The following describes the basic process of the cowhouse fan to deal with paint mist.

Under the gravity of the exhaust fan, the air with paint mist flows toward the inner wall of the water curtain of the water curtain. Part of the paint mist directly contacts the water film on the water curtain and is absorbed. Part of the paint mist was washed away by the water curtain when flowing down the water curtain through the cowhouse fan. The remaining paint mist not captured by the water film and water curtain is washed away by the water washing area. The paint mist treatment device currently installed on the cowshed fan can only process the resin component in the paint mist. Solvent vapor cannot be processed because it is not easily soluble in water. Because it still needs to be discharged into the atmosphere to cause pollution, an exhaust gas treatment device should be installed to treat the discharged solvent vapor.

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