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Piggery heating boiler maintains piggery proper temperature

In order to prevent cold and keep warm in winter, in addition to the timely implementation of general protective measures such as overhaul of pig pens, grass curtains for doors and windows, matting of beds, increasing energy feed and raising feeding density, for large-scale pig farms, the temperature in If the temperature is not suitable for pigs, it is necessary to adopt corresponding heating methods for pigs at different stages of growth and development, such asPig room heating boilerTo maintain the proper temperature of the pig house.

Suckling piglets and weaned piglets after delivery, due to inadequate thermal regulation, poor resistance to cold, and higher requirements for house temperature, must be achieved by heating the pig house. Therefore, most of the heating pigs commonly used in pig farms are aimed at piglets, and are mainly used in farrowing and nursery houses.

At present, central heating and local heating are often used in piggery heating

  1. Central heating

A central heating device, a pig house heating boiler, burner, electric heater, etc., produce heat and water or air through the combustion of coal, oil, gas, electrical energy, etc., and then transport the heat medium to the pig house through the pipeline Heater, heat the air in the pig house to maintain the proper temperature in the house. At present, hot water heating systems are mostly used. The system includes hot water boilers, water supply pipelines, radiators, return water pipelines and water pumps.

  2. Local heating

Commonly used electric floor, hot water heating floor, electric lamp and other equipment. At present, most pig farms have realized high-bed delivery and child rearing. Therefore, the more commonly used local environment heating equipment is infrared lamps or far-infrared panels. The former emits heat and the latter only emits heat and does not emit light. The calorific value and temperature of this device cannot be adjusted, but the hanging height of the lamp can be adjusted to adjust the heat of the small pig herd. If an incubator is used, the heating effect will be better. Infrared lamps are easy to install and flexible, and can be used as long as the power socket is installed. However, infrared lamps have a short service life and are often damaged due to moisture or water splashes in the house. The electric insulation board is better than infrared lamps.

Poor water circulation in piggery heating boilers and hot blast stoves occurs from time to time. One phenomenon is that when the circulation is blocked, hot water will not be delivered in place and it will not have the effect of heating; the other phenomenon is that due to the design Around the week, the heating pipes provided uneven heating, making some areas very hot, while others were not, resulting in uneven temperature in the pig house.