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Briefly introduce the operation of the components of aquaculture hot blast stove

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp;Breeding stoveThe structure of the gas industrial hot air furnace is also divided into indirect and direct types, but most of the indirect types are external combustion models, but the general external type can replace other fuels, and it is also divided into mobile and fixed types. They are all small machines, and the fixed ones are generally large equipment. Let ’s start with the following illustration to understand its structure.

It can be seen that the breeding hot air stove is mainly composed of a combustion chamber, a burner, an induction system, an ignition system, a motor, a control system, a safety valve component, and the like. Putting them together, it becomes a breeding hot air stove.

Since the aquaculture hot air stove does not have a smoke exhaust system, they do not have a heat exchanger installed, but even so, their thermal efficiency is very high. The conversion efficiency of indirect models is generally about 90%. The combustion chamber is made of high temperature resistant 310 austenitic stainless steel like the fuel oil model. It can work well in the internal high temperature environment for a long time, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and strong oxidation resistance. Because of their high standards and performance, they can ensure the stable operation of the hot air stove for many years.

Compared with fuel oil models, aquaculture burners are slightly more complicated. Their nozzles are usually relatively large, with dense small holes on them. When gas flows through, they do not need a high supply pressure and can directly rely on the gas pressure It flows out from the nozzle, passes through the ignition needle, reaches the ignition point, and the ignition is completed, and then converts the gas into heat and sends it out.

The induction system generally has high temperature and overheating induction and flame status induction. They are actually a great safety system. Without them, the normal operation of the equipment cannot be guaranteed.

The ignition system of aquaculture hot blast stove is composed of an ignition transformer and an ignition needle. When the fan works, the control system informs the ignition transformer to work, and the ignition needle continuously discharges to generate a spark. When the combustible gas flows out through the nozzle, it will be quickly lit. The safety valve is composed of a set of electromagnetic system, which can let the gas circulate after the power is turned on, and can block the gas circulated after the power is turned off.