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Several reasons for heat loss of gas-fired hot water boiler

  Gas-fired hot water boilerIn the life of people to provide convenience, environmental protection has also made a contribution, although gas hot water furnace than before the boiler heat conversion efficiency is much higher, but inevitably there will be heat loss phenomenon, so that the economic benefits of enterprises will have an impact. The main reason for analysis is flue gas heat loss. The heat loss of flue gas is composed of mass-smoke exhaust temperature, quantity-flue gas volume. A large amount of flue gas heat is discharged through the chimney, and the loss of volumetric heat flue gas has a great influence on the thermal efficiency of gas hot water furnace boiler. The cause of flue gas heat loss is as follows:

1, gas-fired hot water boiler burning heat is not large enough, the use of excessive sowing air volume, and in the strong front wall two times the diffusion of the wind, scattered to the furnace flexible pipe area, the use of this method to dry fuel at the same time also increased the utilization of the furnace, increase the combustion time of fuel, conducive to fuel burnout.

2, furnace vibration interval set to 900s, long time grate static, easy to cause fuel in the grate on the knot. The fuel gap is reduced, the bonding surface with oxygen is not enough, and combustion is difficult.

3. After the increase of flue gas volume of gas-fired hot water boiler, the ash carrying amount of flue gas increases. The reduction of carbon content in slag is the result of increased combustion time and burnout of inert slag at the lower end of the grate, and the result is the cost of generating a large amount of flue gas. Like a household stove, the slag is grayish white when the furnace is naturally leaking, and when the grate is ticked, there will be burnt ash particles falling.

4, high-pressure air preheater bypass does not open, normal operation as far as possible do not open. It opens up like the effect of reducing warm water, after closing, the hot air temperature rises by 20 ℃, which is the condition of combustion condition of gas-fired hot water boiler.

5, steam blowing ash valve is not strict, do not blow ash can only open the sparse Watergate discharge pressure, resulting in heat loss.