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Matters needing attention in product reliability of bag dust collector manufacturers

Bag Dust collector ManufacturersThe production bag dust collector is a kind of dust removal and purification equipment which filters the dust gas with filter material, which has the characteristics of high dust removal efficiency, simple structure, strong adaptability and stable operation, and the bag dust collector is a kind of production equipment, therefore, when the bag dust collector is used in flue gas dust removal, it has reliability, that is, stable operation and Filter bags have a long service life. When installing and debugging bag dust collector, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, Bag dust collector in the installation and use should check the bag dust collector manufacturer's products are used in good condition, if found any defects, damage or deformation, should be repaired before installation.

2, Bag dust collector bag to check whether the size is appropriate, sewing place is secure, if found to be damaged, jumping wire to be repaired after installation to the frame, the wound to tie, not leaking air.

3, Bag Dust Collector Installation Foundation should be on the same level of surface, such as uneven use of thin steel plate leveling, to prevent the dust collector deformation.

4, Spray blowpipe fixed, its spray hole should be aligned to the center of the PAP tube, the deviation should be within 2 mm.

5, air bag, electromagnetic pulse valve and spray blowpipe of the connection should be sealed, there must be no leakage phenomenon.

6, Bag dust collector door cover and inlet and outlet flange should be cushioned seal, no leakage.

7, air filter should be filled with filtration materials (foam, skim cotton, etc.), equipped with pressure indicator device and safety valve.

8, in the use of the entire dust collector after trial operation, can be put into the system use. The installation of pulse control instrument and electromagnetic pulse valve shall conform to the requirements of the product instruction manual.

9, Bag dust collector manufacturers of pipelines and ancillary equipment, should be careful to do a good job of paint, anti-corrosion treatment.