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Do you understand the benefits of using water curtain cabinets?

Today, we all use machinery to do our work, so we often have access toWater Curtain Cabinets, mainly because it can improve productivity. When we use it, we should read its instruction manual carefully to understand its performance, and there are problems in the process of using it. We come together to have a deep understanding of the water curtain cabinets, respectively, the following:

Usefulness & amp; performance

The use of water curtain cabinets is used for the treatment of waste gas in the painting workshop of products, giving us a good working environment. I plant the water curtain cabinet using water filtration spray paint Workshop exhaust gas, easy to use energy saving. Through the water to hit the exhaust gas (paint) internal drainage, regular change of water can be.

Operating principle

Water Curtain Cabinets (spray paint table) is from the self-suction pump circulating pumping to the curtain board evenly flow down, the spray gun ejected from the exhaust gas (lacquer mist) was hit in the bottom of the pool by the water on the curtain board. A small portion of the exhaust gas (lacquer mist) is discharged from the workshop by the upper fan through the exhaust pipe. So that there is no exhaust gas (lacquer mist) in the workshop to give us a good working environment.

Use & amp; maintenance

Before using the water curtain cabinet, please apply some butter to the fan blades, which will help the paint that sticks to the fan in the future for a long time.

When starting to ensure that the fan is positive, in order to discharge the water curtain cabinet (spray paint table) Exhaust gas out of the workshop. If you rotate on the motor instead of the first three directions.

Fans in the use of a period of time to regularly handle the paint on the blades. In the treatment, pay attention not to the blades, which will make the blades rolling uneven, reduce the fan life. The water in the water can not rise too much, which will make it very simple to block the pump. Pump is not lean to smoke, found not to pump water please intercept the power supply.