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How effective is the water curtain cabinet in terms of workmanship in recent years?

Water Curtain CabinetsIn the present is the work is still relatively good, and in other aspects of the workmanship above, now the water curtain cabinet equipment Perfect is also relatively good. And now the water curtain cabinet contact with a lot of industries, it is because now the use of water curtain cabinets good, and in terms of system performance, now water curtain cabinets work is still relatively good, and now the aspect of water curtain cabinets need to do is to make these industries good development, and now the development of water curtain cabinets good, In fact, for many water curtain cabinets industry is also a good trend, and now water curtain cabinets in the need of materials above, are to choose good, because of good materials, then in terms of workmanship can be seen.

Water Curtain painting room by the room, sink, stainless steel water curtain board, ventilation filtration system, such as the normal completion of the workpiece spraying together can be useful to prevent waste paint emissions and pollute the environment. Water Curtain Board structure design is reasonable, indoor airflow speed, progress coating on the paint rate and residual paint capture rate. And make the water curtain layer uniform, continuous, secure, no stop with no splash of water. Scroll equipment, gas and water separation bezel can be set, disassembly and setting method can be abundant washing separation paint and soda, can achieve purifying the environment and facilitate the use of paint slag cleaning and preservation problems on the board, convenient maintenance.

The workpiece is fed into the painting room through a suspension conveyor, or the workpiece is placed with a workbench turntable. The operator uses a hand-held electrostatic spray gun or a fixed rotary cup spray gun to spray the workpiece using an electrostatic spray gun. Then the paint agglutination agent is added to the pool, the paint residue is condensed into loose clumps, and then the receptacle is used to scoop out the gathering treatment, adhere to the water quality cleaning, and then complete the paint mist purification intention.