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What is the role of the water curtain cabinet in furniture decoration?

The water curtain cabinet is actually used in many applications nowadays, and this kind of product has been perfected and improved in the above materials, and the overall perfect effect is also more, precisely because of this, the working performance of the water curtain cabinet is still above. After a very stable and stable effect, the overall speed of processing and work is getting better and better. This is why the water curtain cabinet has always been popular in the market, and it is also working in materials. Above, the working characteristics of the water curtain cabinet and the working range are also getting better and better.

In the water curtain spray booth, most of the previous ones were single curtain design, and the paint was sprayed from the spray gun to the surface of the workpiece after being atomized by compressed air. Our company considers the air circulation and the size of the water curtain plate to design the water curtain plate as a double curtain. The single curtain and double curtain natures do not change much. Only the double curtain type adds an exhaust port in the middle of the water curtain plate, and the middle exhaust port forms a parallel flow of the air flow by the flow of the paint mist generated from the spray gun to the exhaust port. The airflow is advantageous for spraying a large-area workpiece in the horizontal direction, which can reduce the influence of the paint mist on the sprayed workpiece and improve the quality of the paint film.

Benefits of water curtain cabinet: low investment, low operating cost, repeated use of water recycling cycle, low cost of adsorption paint mist; good treatment, efficiency of more than 90%. However, there are also some shortcomings in the water curtain cabinet, and its disadvantages are high humidity during operation. Due to the use of water as the adsorbent for the paint mist, in order to improve the adsorption performance, the water is circulated at a high speed, and the air containing the paint mist is sprayed and cleaned, and a large amount of water is sprayed and volatilized in the water curtain cabinet, thereby improving the humidity of the spray booth. .