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Water Curtain Cabinets

Water Curtain Cabinets

Product Details

Material: Some stainless steel, all stainless steel, galvanized plate

Usage & amp; features:

1,Water Curtain CabinetsMainly used in all walks of life spray paint assembly line workshop painting and exhaust equipment.

2, water curtain cabinets cabinet is the use of curtain water flow to collect and take away the paint fog, screen is specially maintained by the maintenance of circulating pump, overflow valve adjustment size of the screen, in order to control the integrity of the water curtain shape, the lower part of the tank set a roll table, water curtain under the influence of the formation of lacquer mist exhaust equipment. So that the workshop has no exhaust gas, to give everyone a good working environment.

3, when the water tank can spray paint on the surface of the paint powder directly or water in the pool, the smell of the aircraft and a small amount of adsorption pigment powder by the multi-layer water curtain filter Air outlet painting room outside, not only can purify the paint working environment and health protection at the same time, surface spray paint completed.


1, the Ring water system, the use of centrifugal pumps, with filter maintenance.

2, equipped with automatic water into the device, to ensure that the paint on the filter effect.

3, water curtain cabinet paint through the water curtain and surface under the action of re-entry into the wave multiple water splash house, so as to filter out the air oil particles, to purify the environment, to ensure the purpose of health.

4, water curtain cabinet fan using centrifugal low-noise fan.

5, large-scale whole water curtain using stainless steel plate made, anti-rust and anti-erosion effect is good.

6, water curtain cabinets can be manual operation, but also combined with the transport belt to form a system of production lines.

Precautions for use:

1, the washing spray paint cabinet with water and adsorption of organic solvent liquid.

2, add water to the pump, check whether the water pipe leakage, rotary pump shaft, feel flexible, the pump barrier-free.

3, when using attention to wash paint cabinet filter is blocked by paint, should often salvage paint.

4, pay attention to the operation of the pump there is no murmur and sharp friction sound and impact sound, if there should be immediate shutdown inspection.

5, regularly check the cleaning degree of lubricating oil in the bearing, pump operation for 500 hours, should be cleaned and replaced with a lubricant.

6, long-term role attention to fan leaves and fan shell paint stuck to death, should be removed fan cleaning paint.