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Optical Oxygen Purification Machine

Optical Oxygen Purification Machine

Product Details

Optical Oxygen purifier is a kind of dust removal equipment which deals with large air volume, high dust removal efficiency, reliable operation, good ash cleaning effect, convenient maintenance and small footprint.

The optical oxygen purifier is composed of filter bag assembly, diversion device, pulse injection system, ash system, control system, offline protection system, box body and so on.

The light oxygen purifier works in situ dust collection treatment, the use of flexible and convenient, can effectively ensure the cleanliness of the air, practical products, stable performance, easy to use maintenance, good dust removal efficiency.

Operation Essentials of Optical oxygen purifier:

1) operation of the light oxygen purifier, check the dust removal system of the equipment intact, the equipment of each unit of a single test normal.

2) adhere to the "First open light oxygen purifier and its attachment machine, after opening production equipment, first stop production equipment, after stopping the oxygen purifier and its attachment machine" procedures, the organization of dust removal system operation.

3) Specific instructions are performed according to production schedule (manual or automatic).

4) When there is a specific characterization of the operation process, the report should be requested for post-processing.

Optical oxygen purifier to excellent performance services in metallurgy, electricity, building materials, ore, cement, chemical, carbon black, asphalt concrete mixing, boilers and other industries of air purification and material recovery.