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Bag Dust collector Manufacturers

Bag Dust collector Manufacturers

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Bag Dust collector ManufacturersThe working principle of the production bag dust collector: the dust-containing gas enters the dust bucket under the action of the Wind blower, and distributes evenly in each filter bag after passing through the diversion plate. Dust is intercepted on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the gas is discharged through the Clean Air chamber through the filter bag.

Bag filter on the surface of the dust of the bags filters filter bag appearance may lead to the filter bag breathability drop, filter resistance increase, until the resistance set plant or filter time to reach the set value, pulse valve constant closed pulse injection controller pulse injection control open very short time, in the high pressure gas instantaneous spray airbag blowpipe, and high-speed injection hole. The process of dust removal on the surface of filter bags is called dust removal. Ash removal is done in rows. Each action of the pulse valve will clean a row of filter bags. Pulse valves work at set intervals and in order until the cycle is complete. The entire dust collector completes a dust removal cycle.